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Hundreds of people driving your social media marketing efforts through the roof with a simple and cost effective solution.

It’s all about interacting with your guests in real-time.It’s the photo booth that puts the camera in your guest’s pocket.

How It Works

Your guests get prints they love,


And you get an easy-to-track boost to your social media engagement, and branded prints.

Looking to compliment your brand activation?

Look no further. Let’s harness the undeniable reach of Instagram to propel your event’s social media metrics through the roof!

Instagram is the fastest growing social network Incredible Reach & Potential


Photo Booth Los Angeles

It’s undeniable! People love Instagram. People love sharing photos of where they are, what they’re doing and who they are with – and people love hashtagging. 37% of Instagram users are aged 18-29, and another 18% are in the 30-49 bracket. It’s an amazing network that really has widespread appeal. Why not leverage it with a cost effective solution like Hashtag printing?

Measure Your Reach

Amplify Your # Campaign

Customized Branding

Showcase Photos on a Live Feed

Provide a branded take away with call to action

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Our high end photo booths are a superb addition to your next activation. With snazzy graphics, unlimited super fast printing, social sharing included in every event, and a professional brand ambassador to assist throughout the night, your next event with us will be a smash success!



Feeling a little adventurous? Step out of your comfort zone and get wild in one of our animated Gif Booths! Our software creates branded digital animations (GIFs) of your attendees that are not only fun but allow for guests to upload and share on social media instantly. This robust software also allows for access to real-time analytics and event data. It’s the most exciting social media marketing photo booth there is!


Photo Booth Company

Photo Booth Company all seen green screen technology in the movies and some basic green screen photography, but imagine having an art director and graphic designer take your concept and make it into reality? We work closely with your team to create a custom green screen background and overlay with your brand that will print stunning images for your guests and make them available in real time to share on Instagram, Facebook, email and other social media avenues.