Hashtag Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

Planning a wedding, holiday party or other event in Los Angeles? Take it back to the good old days with a photo booth rental Los Angeles! These days everyone has a high-quality camera on their cell phone, but a photo booth is a great way to bring old-school fun to your party. Take all the pictures and gifs to capture your event and share them with family and friends! You can check out the latest technology and classic styles at Photo Booth Los Angeles, your one-stop shop for all your photo booth needs!

Looking to compliment your brand activation? Look no further. Let’s harness the undeniable reach of Instagram to propel your event’s social media metrics through the roof!

Instagram is the fastest growing social network Incredible Reach & Potential

Photo Booth Los Angeles

It’s undeniable! People love Instagram. People love sharing photos of where they are, what they’re doing and who they are with – and people love hashtagging. 37% of Instagram users are aged 18-29, and another 18% are in the 30-49 bracket. It’s an amazing network that really has widespread appeal. Why not leverage it with a cost effective solution like Hashtag printing?

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

Measure Your Reach

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

Amplify Your # Campaign

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

Customized Branding

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

Showcase Photos on a Live Feed

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

Provide a branded take away with call to action

Hire a photo booth in Los Angeles Now Easy!

Our high end photo booths are a superb addition to your next activation. With snazzy graphics, unlimited super fast printing, social sharing included in every event, and a professional brand ambassador to assist throughout the night, your next event with us will be a smash success!

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles
Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles


Feeling a little adventurous? Step out of your comfort zone and get wild in one of our Gif Booths! Our software creates branded digital animations (GIFs) of your attendees that are not only fun but allow for guests to upload and share on social media instantly. This robust software also allows for access to real-time analytics and event data. It’s the most exciting social media marketing photo booth there is!

GIf Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles
Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles
Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles


We have all seen green screen technology in the movies and some basic green screen photography, but imagine having an art director and graphic designer take your concept and make it into reality? We work closely with your team to create a custom green screen background and overlay with your brand that will print stunning images for your guests and make them available in real time to share on Instagram, Facebook, email and other social media avenues

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

What is The Hashtag Photo Booth Los Angeles?

Hire Photo Booth in Los Angeles to bring the excitement to any of your upcoming events. The Hashtag Photo Booth has a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians to add a new flavor to your weddings, corporate event or any of your brand promotion events. We have a range of marketing and captivating features to enhance your events to glory.

Benefits of Hire Photo Booth in Los Angeles

Here are some of the basic reasons that one should hire a photo booth for your next corporate event. These are:

  • Improves the guests and viewers list
  • Instant exposure to the social media
  • Generating new leads for business promotions
  • Anti-stress activity
  • Adds Best Memory To Your Event
  • Posting to the Social Media.

Why wait for the best when you have a gateway to Photo Booth option with Hashtag!!! Plan your next event with us to make it a hit before the D DAY!!!

What can you do in the Photo Booth Services Los Angeles?

The Hashtag Photo Booth will provide an innovative way to promote your upcoming events on social media by adding Photo clicks, GIFs, videos, etc. to match your event. You can have add-ons props in case you need to enhance it more and make it interactive. We have an option for Photo booth rental or Photo booth for sale, choose the one suits your pocket and preferences.

How can The Hashtag photo booth Los Angeles help you?

The Hashtag Photo Booth has given numerous corporate photo booths other events for the years together. Our team co-ordinates at every moment to craft a wonderful and expressive photo booth shoot. Trust us to give you a unique and enduring photo booth to capture maximum viewers and guests to make it a hit. We have hyper-active social media techies to promote your event exuberantly and make the masses follow it. The Hashtag Photo Booth is a dream come true destination for all the events to make it a memorable one of your lifetime.

Why Choose Rent a Photo Booth  Los Angeles?

The Hashtag Photo Booth has given successful events a new life, choosing us would be a delightful experience to keep your event memorable for decades together. Special features to make your photo booth a success are:

  • Attractive Props for the event
  • Support staff at the Photo booth
  • Allowing more than 4 guests
  • Offering 4 to 5 photo clicks of the photo shoot
  • Attractive backdrops
  • Capable of organizing outdoor Photo Booth rental
  • Eye photo booth
  • Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth
  • Corporate photo booth
  • Event Photography Los Angeles
  • Photo Booth for wedding

With all these features no one would deny to book a photo booth Los Angeles with us. We are a unique photo booth rental at Los Angeles. The photo booth price is competitive and reasonable to suit all the pockets. Plan to rent a Photo booth with The Hashtag Photo Booth for your next event.

Visit our official website or call us to know more.

FAQ Section

A- Hashtag booth rental includes hi-tech photo shoots with latest cameras, add-ons props and outdoor shoots, depending upon the event that you desire to book with us.
A- Hashtag Booth works both with rentals and for sale option.
A- Yes, Photo Booth in Los Angeles can be customized as per the brand of the company. Photo Booth is an open space for number of events such as family events, festivals, and brand promotions, hence branding is possible with it.
A- We offer a minimum of 4 print copies and in case you need more than 4 picture copies then you need to pay extra for every extra photo click. We do have photography package available for the purpose.
A- Backdrops are tailor-made for the clients which makes Hashtag Booth a unique one from the crowd. Besides this we offer DIY option where you can add some props as per your wish.
A- You can use the Photo Booth on social media or on your official website as per your preferences.
A- The cost of rent a photo booth in Los Angeles varies from project to project. Administration team decision is taken as final. Hence you need to contact the admin team with your project details.
A- Yes Photo booth in Los Angeles need a power outlet for sharp photo captures for the booth.

Type Of Photo Booth Events

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