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Photo Booths x COVID-19… What’s Next?

Like many major cities of world, Los Angeles too faced the hazardous impact of deadly COVID-19. On March 15, 2020, COVID-19 restrictions were imposed in all major gyms, bars, restaurants and photo booths of Los Angeles. It initiated the period of distress, loss and enchantment for people related to these industries. The main concern was public health and relief programs to bring respite to the situations. The places that garnered “crowd” (including photo booth) wore deserted looks and business was at all time low.

Despite the fact the city is getting back to normal, the last few months have been very challenging for all businesses. As social gathering and events became non-existent, the business of event management and photo booth rentals were relegated to back seat. The small-time business company lost their groundings while rest of them was prepared to reform their style of working. This gloomy period turned out to be planning phase for many renowned companies to improve their backend process and systems.

The main objective was to deliver “better than the best” when situation normalizes. The “think-tank” of photo booth rental companies was brainstormed with many unique business ideas. Besides drawing generous business from market, it was important to work with health guidelines and take all essential precautions to avert the spread of COVID-19. Going with prescribed health guidelines, employee of every rental company is expected to wear face masks, hand gloves and sanitizes photo booth regularly. The infrastructure and background has to be redesigned in such a way that “social distancing” is properly maintained. As far as party props are concerned, the event organizers and photo booth rental companies have to be very selective, and prefer to choose COVID vaccine props which are safe to use. The props offered should be for single use only.

Covid-19 Family Photo Booth

The touch-points of every surface have to be sanitized properly with suitable chemical sprays. Special care has to be given to guests, as every attendant of event, including employees of rental companies should wear face masks. The temperature of very attendant should be taken before the event. In every event, the safety measures to prevent Covid-19 Photo Booth and prescribed health guidelines should be encouraged at every stage of the event. The production and management teams of rental companies will be redeveloping their on-boarding and training program. It will enhance customer service and will encourage customers in hiring the service of rental companies. The trendy concept of virtual photo booths is proving to be game-changers in online events. It creates strong interaction with audience which stays long. The success of “Share a Coke” campaign was a colossal hit which created relationship with consumers and raised the brand value of the product.

Conceptually speaking, majority of photo booth businesses service a travel able region and are referred to as local. It is because it allows them to transport the photo booth, staff with a promise to serve guests with best of their services. In Covid-19 Photo Booth Los Angeles, it has caught fancies of many upcoming entrepreneurs as it demands a low investment with load of varied fun elements. On a bigger scale, photo booth serves events both nationally and globally. In global corporate events, photo booth is proving to be valuable in collecting business leads, building brand names and developing substantial customer base worldwide.

Nonetheless, the strategy and working culture of photo booth rental companies in Los Angeles will be going for a big make-over. Besides providing truckloads of fun elements through their creative skills, photo booth companies will be taking the health and safety of guests seriously.

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