Corporate Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

If you are planning a corporate Photo Booth rental like a Christmas or Holiday party or corporate retreat, you will have to consider a wealth of entertainment options for your clients, suppliers, employees, and attendees. A corporate Photo Booth could be an excellent option for your next event especially one that comes from The Hashtag Photo Booth, a company with 11 years of experience and over 3000 events completed! If you are considering the use of a Photo Booth for your next corporate party you should remember some of these top reasons to secure a Photo Booth rental:

  • Traditional Corporate Open Air Photo Booth
  • Corporate  Robot Photo Booth
    Corporate Green Screen Booth
  • Social Media Corporate Booth
    Black and White Corporate Booth
  • Corporate Theme Booth
  • Completely Custom Corporate Booth
  • Keepsake Corporate Booth

It keeps your guests talking to each other: a Photo Booth is one of the best icebreakers for any type of corporate event. This makes it an ideal way to get guests starting to mingle and to relax and have fun! A Photo Booth could ensure that people from different departments within your company finally have a chance to start talking with one another.

 It could also be a great way to help spouses and partners feel more at ease at corporate parties where they may not know many people. If the purpose of a corporate event is for networking, including a photo booth with plenty of props can be a great way to really start networking with a fun icebreaker.

Corporate Photo Booth LA

It also creates shareable content: one of the best parts about a corporate Photo Booth is that many of them today come with digital integration and sharing. This ensures that your corporate event can receive lots of positive social media shares online as people at the event continued to share content from your event directly. Props and accessories can be almost endless and with the help of a social link, you can very quickly see trending content being posted to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Another thing it does is it creates lasting memories: High-quality photos with your company logo or brand can help your attendees really build up fun memories from the event. Not only can they get top-quality images of themselves and their colleagues but they can remember how great your corporate event was. This can really strengthen the bonds between your employees as well as your suppliers and investors.

It’s inexpensive and low maintenance: The nice part about a corporate photo booth is that they are far less expensive than booking a full-time photographer. You can still capture top quality images of your event without having to pay the extensive hourly rate of a professional. Plus they are innately interactive so people gravitate to the photo booth in a way that just doesn’t happen with a photographer.

Corporate Photo Booth

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