Green Screen Photo Booth

When you are considering the idea of green screen photo booth for an event it’s extremely important that you do some research into what a quality company can deliver. Are they insured? Are they experienced? Do they have professional equipment and professional brand ambassadors? The Hashtag Booth has all of these things and is a hi-end green screen photo booth company that is designed to raise a step above the competition. With hi-tech, social media enabled Photo Booths that are designed specifically for rental at events, renting a booth through a professional company like ours can often be a much easier experience as well as a better quality experience. So why rent a photo booth through The Hashtag Booth?
#1. Better equipment: Our photo booths and software utilize the best in the DSLR technology, high-resolution cameras, and dye sublimation printers. This ensures that you get a professional quality shot every time and can ensure all the shots captured looked extremely professional.

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