Green Screen Photo Booth Los Angeles

When you are considering the idea of green screen photo booth for an event it’s extremely important that you do some research into what a quality company can deliver. Are they insured? Are they experienced? Do they have professional equipment and professional brand ambassadors? The Hashtag Booth has all of these things and is a hi-end green screen photo booth company that is designed to raise a step above the competition. With hi-tech, social media enabled Photo Booths that are designed specifically for rental at events, renting a booth through a professional company like ours can often be a much easier experience as well as a better quality experience.

Our photo booths and software utilize the best in the DSLR technology, high-resolution cameras, and dye sublimation printers. This ensures that you get a professional quality shot every time and can ensure all the shots captured looked extremely professional.

Photo Booth Rental Company Los Angeles

What is the Green Screen Booth?

Green Screen Booth has solid colored backdrops with the desired backgrounds. It is run by the customized software to add any background with the captures of your guests. 

It can be given an interactive impact by add-ons like GIF Animated Backgrounds, Green Screen Special Effects, Green Screen Overlays, Green Screen Multi Selection and more.

Benefits of Green Screen photo booth

The benefits of hiring our Green Screen photo booth rentals or buying Green screen photo booth sale are immense to make your event alive for decades together. 

The features that make us a unique and best option for Green Screen Photography Los Angeles are:

  • Far-fetched quality to make your party extraordinary.
  • Animated backgrounds to add creativity.
  • Overlays innovative backdrops to make them unique.
  • Exquisite and high definition photo booth designed for your private event.
  • Events are fun-filled with adventure by our support staff.
  • Transport party guests instantly anywhere in the world with magical software outcomes.

Make your room with our GREEN SCREEN BOOTH to bring your event alive and memorable to the world.

What can you do in the Green Screen Rental?

Our green screen rental includes:

  • Unrestricted sessions during your service rental period.
  • Colored captures to match your tastes and preferences bound with digitally enhanced backgrounds.
  • Customized designs are printed and given on the backdrop with event name/logo to capture the event.
  • Pleasant on-site service assistants.
  • Providing online photo gallery with free downloads for your viewers and guests.
  • Printing is accomplished within seconds!

How can a Green Screen Photo Booth help me?

Our Green Screen Photo Booth  Los Angeles will assist you with exuberant options to make it a comfortable ride with all your forthcoming events. We offer:

  • Upgrade options with photo booth giving touch screen digital sharing for the event.
  • Offering Free reprints to enable every guest to have his own printed copy.
  • Customize Animated backdrop / backgrounds, overlays, 3D scenes to make it attractive and engaging.
  • Assist you in developing virtual reality event photo booth.
  • Theme oriented props provided.
  • Capable of handling giant groups at green screen booth.

Besides this we have some logistics for GREEN SCREEN EVENT :

  • Make prints with 10×10 size.
  •  Ideal location chosen to match your event and theme.
  • No direct sunlight.
  • Outdoor events of green screen backdrop are well- protected from wind.
  • 15 amps of power.
  • Event props table provided if need arises for the event..

Why choose Green Screen photo booth Service From Los Angeles Photo Booth?

Los Angeles Photo Booth has given unique outcomes in the recent projects on Green Screen Photo Booth with unique features these are:

  • Capable to combine green screens with our attractive and customized props for the theme.
  • Adding anything or any location in the background to make you feel with it.
  • Memorable clicks and prints provided after the event is shot successfully.

Make your upcoming celebrations like birthday parties, family marriage, or corporate events for branding to give a magical touch of our GREEN SCREEN BOOTH.

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What’s included in a Green Screen Rental?

We include all possible props, gifs or any add-ons as per the need and preferences of our client for green screen photo booth.

Does The Green Screen Do Prints?

Yes, the green screen does print of the booth. Guests can always avail of it as and when they need.

How does Green Screen booth work?

Green screen booth enables you to drop in whatever background images you desire behind the actors and/or foreground. The film production is possible with such backdrops and background software, hence one can have a movie shot with the help of green screen booth.

How is our Green Screen booth unique?

We offer customized background to match the green screen booth event with add-ons like gif, animation or any prop that you feel will enhance your event.

How to use the Green Screen booth (it’s easy!)

Shooting with a green screen involves to take a film of a person or to add visual effects in front of a concrete color. These are then carefully taken out and you can drop that scene onto the foundation of your. Further one can remove the colored background in case you wish to continue without it.

Can the Green Screen be customized with my branding?

Yes all the backgrounds can be customized if you do not like our templates designed by our team. Branding becomes much easier if it has the background of your company logo floating over the background picture given by our software.

Do I need to book a photography package to rent the Green Screen booth?

No there is no need to book any photography package as there is a provision of giving limitless prints of the event which is the part of the package.