When you are considering the idea of Rent A Photo Booth for an event it’s extremely important that you do some research into what a quality company can deliver. Are they insured? Are they experienced? Do they have professional equipment and professional brand ambassadors? The Hashtag Booth has all of these things and is a hi-end Photo Booth company that is designed to raise a step above the competition. With hi-tech, social media enabled Photo Booths that are designed specifically for rental at events, renting a booth through a professional company like ours can often be a much easier experience as well as a better quality experience. So why rent a photo booth through The Hashtag Booth?
#1. Better equipment: Our photo booths and software utilize the best in the DSLR technology, high-resolution cameras, and dye sublimation printers. This ensures that you get a professional quality shot every time and can ensure all the shots captured looked extremely professional.

Prompt: With 11 years of Photo Booth experience, a rental through The Hashtag Booth is effortless. Superior customer care is our credo, and we regularly perform maintenance on all of our equipment, in addition to initial set up support with every new client. This ensures that when you rent a Photo Booth booth we will arrive on time for your event, be ready and waiting for your guests to have fun and the booth is properly tested. The process of cleanup and tear down of the booth is handled promptly as well to ensure that you are not charged extra for event space and more. We can work around your schedule!

Social media integration: rather than a traditional print-only Photo Booth the newest versions of Photo Booth from The Hashtag Booth encourage social media sharing. Every shot captured in the Photo Booth can be instantly shared across social media platforms to ensure that your event or events see a large amount of free advertising.

Great props and backgrounds: A variety of digital backgrounds for green screen booths and unique props can be added into the mix for the photo booth shots captured at any event. This ensures that guests can be well entertained and that they can be left extremely creative when it comes to building fun shots that can be shared more easily.

Superior print quality: for handing out souvenirs and printing photos from the Photo Booth, The Hashtag Booth comes with only the top of the line dye sublimation printers which can deliver high-quality archival quality photos. These can be the perfect souvenir from any event and they are included in the cost of the rental.

Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rentals in Los Angeles are on the rise and many companies are enjoying the use of Photo Booth Rental because they can increase engagement for their event. A top-quality Photo Booth rental can actually be an extremely effective marketing tool by increasing social media shares, giving people high quality branded prints and souvenirs at an event and more. If you have never considered a Photo Booth rental in Los Angeles it’s important to remember that Photo Booth rentals can be an ideal choice for almost any type of event.

What types of events are perfect for a Photo Booth rental in Los Angeles?

Birthdays: Imagine a birthday or you can instantly give people great party favors and memories of the event. A large-scale birthday party or even a children’s birthday party with a Photo Booth rental can create a great icebreaker for people to get to know each other as well as professional photography resources for guests to share their experience. Birthdays with a prop photo shoot can be remembered for years to come and with great social media shareability, you can make sure that your birthday is well liked over social media!

Weddings: Photo Booth rentals in Los Angeles for weddings are all the rage! The reason that a Photo Booth is becoming so popular for weddings is for capturing that magical night. A Photo Booth or hashtag printer for the reception can be an excellent way to get shots of your wedding guests long after the photographer has gone home. Photo booth rentals for a wedding reception can also give guests the perfect souvenir to remember your wedding!

Retirement parties: for retirement parties and corporate events a Photo Booth rental can be a great way to save some memories with coworkers as well as increase social media sharing for a particular company. Many corporations are including Photo Booth that their industry events to get employees speaking with suppliers and other contacts within the company. A Photo Booth can be an excellent icebreaker and with the massive amount of sharing going on over social media, it is possible that a photo booth rental offers a great chance to help a company stand out amongst the competition and gain recognition.

Prom: Prom and school dances are regularly including Photo Booth rentals because it can save the school extensive amounts of money on a professional photographer. A prom photo booth is a wonderful way to capture an event and have plenty of footage available for the yearbook, school website and for individual social media pages. A Photo Booth can be an absolute hit at any type of school event and it’s a great way to improve student engagement.

Consider some of these top events and more if you are interested in Photo Booth rentals in Los Angeles. Remember to contact The Hashtag Booth for more information on rentals!

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